Weird Sightings On Google Street View

Google street view can be one of the most amazing ways of wasting time ever created. With this tool, you can explore random places around the world without even have to move one foot away from your comfortable bedroom. With all those images available for anyone in the world to see, sooner or later a lot of strange sightings would be found. From people in ridiculous or unusual circumstances to inexplicable situations to creepy, strange and mysterious places and natural phenomena, this 50 weird Google street view sightings will make you laugh, nod your head in disgust, open your eyes in shock and pick up your jaw up off the floor.

The Pigeon Head People


This creepy street view image can be seen in Musashino, Tokyo. As scary as it looks (imagine finding this peculiar group while walking on the streets) apparently pigeon role-playing is a big thing in Japan.