22 Wardrobe Malfunctions That Are Still Painful Years Later

If you’ve ever played sports you know sometimes in the heat of competition now and then someone deals with a wardrobe malfunction. It’s inevitable everyone is focused on winning, and things get physical, so you never know when the crowd might get a little more than they pay for. For the most part, professional athlete’s uniforms are top of the line. That doesn’t make them impervious to their own malfunctions and when it happens we can’t help but laugh. I’ve had my shorts pulled off in a lacrosse game before, and that was in front of about 100 people. I can’t imagine accidentally flashing 50,000 people and god knows how many cameras? Yikes! These 19 sports wardrobe malfunctions are embarrassingly hilarious!

With all the styling and assistance they get constantly, one may think that celebrities are the perfect fashion icons. However, being a world-renown star does not mean you are safe from wardrobe malfunctions. In fact, being surrounded by paps makes it easier for everyone to notice! Check out some of the worst wardrobe malfunctions:


Pants down! Either Kanye West needs a smaller belt or he is starting a new fashion trend we are still not really comfortable with. We are leaning towards the latter.


Here is an important tip for those who love to use contour EVERYWHERE: If you cover your face, your neck, and your upper chest: cover your cleavage too!