Epic Fails That Can Make You Feel Embarrassed Watching

Yes, I know. You think you are having the worst day ever. You said the same thing yesterday. And the day before. And I’m sure you will say the same thing tomorrow. But you are not having the worst day ever, believe me. And to prove it, we gathered fifty photos of fifty people that got up one day believing that it’s going to be just a regular day and ended up with their cars sinking or crushed by a tree. So smile, believe in yourself and take a look at what happened to these people, who are definitely having the worst day ever.


I think someone is not getting the license back renewed. How do you do something like this? How many things must happen before you end up with your car sinking in a pool?



Why the hell are you using your mac next to a lit candle? Why the hell do you have a lit candle over your table? The apple is still on, so I guess you can still use it, moron.