Funny Russian Online Dating Profiles

The Internet has a thing for Russians. It is perhaps because they are great and have a unique sense of what’s good and wrong, what’s beautiful and what’s ugly. And for them, practically nothing is ugly. We gathered a few profiles pictures captured on Russian dating apps that will make you doubt their ability to continue bringing humans to this world. We’ll be the nicest we can. Take a look, maybe you find your next couple, or the definitive one, you never know. Meet these Russians who are ready to steal your heart. You won’t be able to resist them. Let’s be honest, you are not the greatest catch either.

A Mermaid

A girl who loves the ocean. A fan of the Little Mermaid and dolphis. Favorite movie: Free Willy. Stylish, awesome. Get to know her. You’ll be surprised at how many great moments she will make you enjoy.

A Gourmet

Adam is a nice man who likes to cook and drink some wine while massaging your feet. A lover of good cuisine and expensive tastes, he will take you around the world like the queen you deserve to be.